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Best Yue Hang Hotel Kunming is located in Changshui International Airport, close to Songming County. The surrounding environment is quiet and convenient.

Hotel fully reflects the ethnic customs of Yunnan. The theme of 'Xiangyun' and 'Colorful' is added to the design of the guest rooms.

Wu Chinese Restaurant offers you local Kunming specialties, and the buffet restaurant has a wealth of Chinese and Western dishes. The hotel also prepared a Muslim restaurant (with a prayer room), which can accommodate 60 people at the same time.

8 conference rooms of different sizes are equipped with advanced, simultaneous interpretation and voice control, and professional services can meet different business activities.

Relying on the excellent location, the hotel also has check-in counters, and provides airport shuttle service. Passengers traveling with children and the elderly do not have to worry about missed flights, transfers, and early flights are handled calmly.
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  • lily790306
    Distance is close to the airport terminal, convenient. coincided with snow, very cold room ... breakfast cold.
  • caoliang1981
    Hotel facilities good, clean, close to airport, 5 minutes by car, bus, 20-minute trip, very good, breakfast was rich, began at 5 o'clock, and facilitates to catch an early flight.
  • damonwong
    Very good next time
  • laoodng
    Hotel is not five star, high prices, but nice! hotel!
  • e00045473
    All right.
  • fuliping72
    Facilities are excellent, very close to the airport, though a bit noisy ... but the service so far, 12 midnight plane to, half an hour to check in.
  • maggie0508
    Facilities are OK, but Wi-Fi super bad, Brink suggested that only room service, or we give you a router ... ... Cry Halo in the toilet ...
  • csyj1127
    Very convenient, all are good
  • cscat
    Second stay at high performance-price ratio, transfer from the airport is very convenient.
  • joanne0116
    Hotel reception staff service has been like early dining not good
  • dongeastony
    Well, just a bit of plane was too noisy
  • andyliang8620
    Must be praised, the second
  • by630
    Very close from the airport, the room very clean and also a free airport transfer service.
  • portoing
    Water airport of choice, feeling good, price is OK, easy to pick up, hotel regular, reliable, noise is not bad, overall, recommended.
  • evagena
    For transit, so the night at the airport, a shuttle service, very convenient
  • a8701520
    Nice, but a bit noisy
  • desmoulin
    Stayed on the way back from Nepal... say a good... staff... used this hotel go and return. made travel much easier to China Eastern Airlines is not good transit, overnight use. Reception staff... breakfast that morning from the 5:00 so useful... just taste, feeling that China'sWho could hardly eat it.
  • ans322
    High performance-price ratio!
  • lweiweiyang
    Pick up too slow. no hotel, best buy did not provide
  • emmaalways
    That's good
  • e03588816
    Kunming preferred, like
  • Carloyu
    Hotel close to the airport and free shuttle service is convenient, we also have cars at 10 o'clock in the evening to pick up, health and environment of the hotel is well in line with star standard, breakfast time to catch the early flight of people considering starting early in the morning, variety, it's delicious, is a lovely hotel
  • DuoDuoDingDing
    Close to the airport very convenient.
  • bill19850901
    Very close from the airport, the rooms are clean.
  • joy307
    Very good, next time I go to Kunming
  • e01098471
    Facility is OK, service is not bad, front desk like Uncle
  • aapppat
    Facilities, nice and clean.
  • amieleung
    Very good, the environment is good.
  • angel_xiaoya
    On December 5, 2015 hotels, hotel facilities good, but it wasn't good enough for 5-star service, are as follows: 1. in December of Kunming, the hotel has no air conditioning! call the front desk, said people at the front desk, and no one ... had to check out early, the room is too cold! restaurant, wear a down jacket. night restaurant staff told me that air conditioning was broken for several days, but did not tell the hotel guestsSaid so. 2. breakfast Shi, guest eat had of plate full table no people Pack, each table are has dirty plate, I morning 8 points to early restaurant dinner, a waiter also no, I full restaurant wants to find a clean of table was huge a restaurant, a clean table also no found. later listening to door only one reception received breakfast volume of Miss said, waiter are in dinner does. shame! 3. inadequate breakfast porridge spoon, looked for a long time to find a half tablespoon... And there is no spoon, had to take a knife just stir the coffee. 4.8 points to breakfast, hardly any food left, 20 minutes to eat breakfast or see someone add a dish. 5. TV can barely read, bad image dithering, his eyes go blind. Although the lobby looked very stylish, but the 5 star hotel, do you dare? levels is home, which is 5 star money! Want to book this hotel's friend may be thinking about, ready to down with dry food. not afraid of restaurants except for nausea huh!
  • insda
    Very close from the airport, it is very convenient for transit, also have a good room facilities
  • firegang
    All in all good
  • lindatst
    Relatively new, well ... very convenient to the airport
  • lw_1988
    You can also can also
  • lison1388
    -Feel like!
    Very nice hotel with first-class facilities recommended location is near the airport to catch an early morning flight friends
  • elan_an
    Yunnan flight preferred, good
  • tea_sofa
    Poor service, restaurant is very poor
  • cylcylcyl
    Environment is good, starting at nine in the morning shuttle bus to the airport, about five minutes.
  • alexce
    Hotel facilities, environment good, value for money, in particular, free delivery service to solve guest problems.
  • didarjiang
    Five star is five-star, clean the atmosphere. transit is easy.
  • nianyunren
    Overall has a lot of upside, special mention for flight time, and exactly how far in advance should be more professional to the airport, looking to improve
  • billbi
    Attack came relatively soon after the plane arrived in 12:50 in the middle of the night and take the luggage as 1:30 did, call,... hesitated a little stand where. is taxi before you arrive, to no. 3 with... the taxi sign on the left has a small shed-like building,... where the hut where the buses comeFilter is. Go to Kathmandu in Nepal connecting Kunming in... is an overnight here and considering the location and strength of..., reception and cleaning staff wasn't helpful. The front of the room is the airport.
  • alber0727
    Good location, just next to the airport, away from the Terminal straight line a distance of 600 meters, car shuttle. for transit.
    Very good location, very close to the airport, it is also convenient to the airport.
  • arongyi
    Service needs to improve
  • njwyr
    Travel and hotel service is also very good
  • laito
    Near the airport, very comfortable
  • doctorceo
    If flying choice available it's facilities and services are good in every respect!
  • anniered
    Hotels next to the airport, easy to turn, on the first floor restaurant is also good.
  • farral
    Very close to the airport, easy to fly