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Yellow.LegenDscore:5.0 / 52023-12-02
Second check in! I'm still very satisfied. If the transfer time is not very tight, I recommend it.
wendy22score:4.8 / 52023-11-30
I booked it for the guests, because it's very close to the airport. The guests said it was pretty good
tobyduweiscore:4.0 / 52023-11-28
It's the best hotel near the airport. The service is good. It's good to get up at 6 a.m. and have breakfast. It's good to catch the early flight. The room is clean. Outside the window is Changshui airport. It is worth recommending
doctorysscore:5.0 / 52023-11-25
Needless to say, I've always booked this hotel. The environment is good, the most important thing is that it is very convenient
xiaomacyscore:4.3 / 52023-11-22
Yes, I will choose it next time.
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