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Financial street westin hotel special plans to issue asset-backed success: 3 billion yuan

Date: 2018-08-21

Financial street westin hotel assets support special plans to issue a success.The product won the Shanghai stock exchange on May 16, 2018 letter of consent, after three times to accept the final success.This single product borrowers for investment (group) co., LTD., Beijing financial street district managers and sales organizations by citic securities co., LTD., hosting/regulatory bank for citic bank, takes care of the bank of China merchants bank.

Product elements

Product introduction

This product is 3 billion yuan RMB financing scale, using the structure after the preferred carrier, priority interest rate 4.96% for the issuance of securities and financial "optimum", "financial times" 30 million yuan by the financial street group subscribed.This product interest rates lower interest rates than in the financial issue of 5.12% last year, reflects the current market environment of tight scarcity of high-quality assets.In terms of reimbursement means, take priority products servicing every six months, due to repay the principal, remaining maturity is expected to 14.47 (2.6 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3) years.The project evaluation of market value of $5.002 billion in 2017, mortgage rates of 60.6%.

In 2017 as the financial street (first phase) asset support special plan to provide assessment services, this product by China REITs alliance member unit of shenzhen DTZ land real estate appraisal co., LTD. Provide assessment service for this business.

The underlying asset is introduced

The project of the underlying assets of the westin Beijing financial street district hotel is a foreign-related business hotel located in the center of the Beijing xidan financial business, adjacent to the west, adjacent to the xidan shopping center, the front door, the Forbidden City and tiananmen square.Meet for the diverse needs of business, tourism, sightseeing and entertainment, 40 minutes from the capital international airport and Beijing west railway station 20 minutes.Hotel including 49 483 rooms including suites, an average hotel occupancy rate above 80%, annual apartment occupancy rates above 75%.

Westin hotel (Westin) is the international hotel chain brand, belongs to Starwood (Starwood) group.Hotels group brand including W (W) and Amy (Le Meridien), Westin, Westin, Sheraton (Sheraton), the Aloft (Aloft) and f friends (Four Points), etc.Westin first-tier cities in China have many distribution, such as: jinmao westin Beijing hotel, Beijing financial street westin hotel, westin hotel in Shanghai and tianjin king long westin hotel, etc.

Credit arrangement

This product credit promotion measures include priority/secondary stratification, distributable excess cash flow coverage, the underlying property mortgage, the underlying property operating income accounts receivable pledge and financial group and Jin Hao property as a joint debtor performs several and joint liability, and a series of measures to ensure the safety of products.

The original rights and interests of people

Financial street investment (group) co., LTD., founded in 1992, is a large state-owned enterprises in the diversified investment group, business covers Beijing, Shanghai, tianjin, chongqing and so on nearly 20 provinces and cities.By the end of 2017, the group's total assets of 213.5 billion yuan, net assets of 58.5 billion yuan, a total of 167 child enterprises at all levels.

Zhongqing (000402 SZ) is the body of the market of real estate business financial group, China's commercial real estate leading brand, in a-share listed real estate companies, in the core region of first-tier cities have A total of more than 1.2 million square meters of property, forms include hotels, shopping malls, office buildings and apartment, etc.;Developing characteristic tour industry, the key to build Beijing mutian valley Great Wall national 5 a-class tourist resort and the xunliao bay, guangdong province, chongqing magnetic device mouth, such as national 4 a level scenic spot.Group's property company won several national and Beijing municipal awarded five star property management services, the current management area of more than 15 million square meters.

Group holdings, the Great Wall and the participation of financial institutions, including the Great Wall insurance wealth information technology companies, financial companies, financial street hengtai securities, China Beijing equity exchange, Beijing financial assets exchange, huarong trust and so on.