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Hilton Huanpeng Expands Over 200 Destination Cities in China

Date: 2023-05-17

Recently, Hilton Huanpeng, the largest chain hotel brand under Hilton Group, has reached a new milestone in its development in China - achieving over 200 signed destinations in Canada, further demonstrating the stable development trend of Hilton Group in China. Ms. Wang Wei, Executive Vice President of Jinjiang Hotel (China)/President of Hilton Huanpeng (China), stated: The success of Hilton Huanpeng in the Chinese market is not only due to the brand's consistent high requirements for quality and operational strategies that adapt to the Chinese market, but also due to the trust and support of guests in the brand. In the future, we will expand to more beautiful destination cities, allowing Hilton Huanpeng to accompany guests on a happy journey in more cities and gain a unique Huanpeng experience